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Warm Water Under Floor Heating England

For a heating system that can combine efficiency, cost-effectiveness and total convenience, you can’t go wrong with under floor heating. Warm water under floor heating can be used with any heat source including ground source, air source heating pumps, and biomass and is the most efficient water heating system around, and it can even be used to increase the efficiency of your current heat source making it ideal for homes and businesses across the board.

We supply warm water under floor heating systems across England and beyond

Free Underfloor Heating QuoteIt’s no wonder that this form of heating is so popular. The entire surface area of your floor becomes the emitter of heat which results in a far more even level of distribution, and it also means the temperature can be a lot lower whilst still being wholly comfortable. You can get an increase in efficiency as well as comfort as it eliminates the possibility of cold spots, and it can offer benefits no matter what energy source you choose.

Whether you use traditional fossil fuel boilers, heat pumps or thermal source cylinders, you can look forward to boosting your efficiency on every level. Modern oil or gas boilers are most efficient at lower temperatures whilst heat pump manufacturers view under floor heating as being the ideal partner for their products, with the efficiency of such a system meaning temperature levels can be easily optimised and better retained.

The same applies when it comes to thermal cylinders—this system means any energy you collect and distribute through renewable sources (wood chip, biomass or solar energy, for example) will be far more easily sustained, resulting in optimum output and better efficiency again thanks to the lower temperatures being used.

If you’re looking for warm water under floor heating in England we should be your first and only port of call. We’ve got the skills and experience to fully integrate your system with your current heat source and will be happy to provide a free quotation for the entire project, so make sure to get in touch to see what we can do.

In the Meantime, why not look at the most common floor constructions used with Underfloor Heating?

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